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After traveling the world and tasting beers in over 30 countries, Greg and Michele developed a taste for high quality craft beers. Greg’s heritage is from Germany and Ireland. Two countries known for great beer. Michele’s Grandparents came to the US from Belgium, a place that we visit often. Belgium has over 140 breweries producing over 1100 beers. Every time we go there we try as many as we can and are always pleased.

At White Rock we strive to provide hand-crafted beers that are equally as good as you would get in Germany, Ireland and Belgium. All our beers are made with the best ingredients available and are made in low volumes and never filtered to give you the full taste of the natural grains. We ferment and age our beers in American Oak Barrels that have been used for a few years to produce our best red wines. This aging process gives the beer a more complex full bodied flavor. Our Porter is enhanced with local coffee beans from our local coffee manufacturer and our Double IPA has twice the amount of hops to give it a truly Jumpin Dog flavor. Come by and check us out, you will be happy you made the trip.

Jumpin Dog Brews – $5 12oz Bottle or Glass, $15 Growlette

German Amber Ale – 5.5% ABV – 36 IBUs

Hand Crafted Unfiltered American Ale with a deep amber color and medium-bodied mouthfeel.

German Cream Ale – 5.75% ABV – 18 IBUs

An Ale version of an American Lager. Clean, light refreshing with a faint malt feel and hints of corn.

Irish Robust Coffee Porter – 5.5% ABV – 35 IBUs

Classic Dark Ale made with Black Barley, Chocolate and local Coffee Beans. Nice hoppy character for a full bodied beer.

Belgian Double IPA – 8.3% ABV – 100+ IBUs

This is a high quality Ale with an upfront and dominate hop profile. Made with Carmel and Carapils Grains to provide complex flavors

We will be closed for the winter starting on Sat, Nov 19. Reopen on April 1, 2017.
Sales & tastings by appointment only throughout the winter.
Call 540-890-3359 or 540-798-0323 to schedule.